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SECC, Glasgow

2-5 March 2017



The Quilting Show is a fabulous showcase of the UK’s finest patchwork & quilting – launched in 2015, the show highlights the wonderful work of Scottish quilters, and brings a range of exciting exhibitions to the SECC, with the aim of encouraging all aspects of patchwork and quilting. With talks, competitions, demonstrations, workshops and so much more, this is a true patchworker’s paradise!

Show Features

Forest for Ever

A project based on leaf shapes and motifs in different shades of green - hand-embroidery by Afghan village women. This grew into a challenge for European textile artists to use the leaves as a basis for new works. There are very few trees in Afghanistan but the self-help project helps in providing meals three times a day.

Lost in a Quilters’ Garden

‘Lost in a Quilters’ Garden’ is the theme for this year’s Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles touring exhibition. The inspiration for these beautiful quilts came from their love of gardens and gardening. Whether it was the thrill of growing things from seed, the form of flowers, or the structure of a formal garden, this collection shares with all, their love of quilting and the art of gardening.

Quilt competitions 2016

You are invited to enter your work into one of our exciting open competitions, with fabulous prizes to be won!

A. Traditional Quilts
B. Contemporary Quilts
C. Art Quilts
D. Group Quilts (two or more makers for one quilt)
E. Themed Quilt – Carnival Colours

Click here for full details


Comfort from Kindness
– The Canadian Red Cross Quilts

Weaving Musical Threads [WMT] presents ‘Comfort from Kindness’

‘One quilter with 18 children walked 2 miles every week so that she could sew...’

A wonderful opportunity to see this outstanding exhibition: quilts made by thousands of groups of women all over Canada, as a compassionate contribution to the WWII effort.

They were made with all manner of materials, sent over to the UK and given to displaced people: a beautiful gift of comfort, colour and warmth – with love sewn in.

Now a unique collection, preserved in celebration of quilting and social history.

Exhibition, talks, book for sale and an opportunity to donate new blankets of compassion and comfort.

Presented by Scottish arts association, Weaving Musical Threads [WMT].

Quilting Artists, Groups, Education Centres and Guilds

  • Pat Archibald
  • Penny Bicknell
  • Contemporary Quilt Group
  • Thistle Quilters Edinburgh
  • Turning Point Quilts
  • Boutis Ecosse
  • Glasgow Gathering
  • Riverside Quilters
  • Seams Right
  • Freewheeling
  • Gillian Cooper Studio
  • Creative Journey Courses
  • Quilters’ Guild of British Isles – Region 16
  • QGBI Traditional Quilt Group
  • Boutis Ecosse

Unsung Muses

Celebrating the lives and influences of our female ancestors and forgotten goddesses—the ‘unsung muses’ who have shaped our lives today— textile artist and tutor Gillian Cooper creates her own mythology in fabric, dye and paint, which she will share at The Quilting Show. During the Show, Gillian will be demonstrating her techniques, including Gelli-Plate Printing. She will also be launching her new classes starting in April 2016.

Crossing Borders

The topic for Pat Archibald’s 2014 Creative Journey Course was ‘Crossing Borders’, a phrase that has many layers of meaning and many diverse interpretations. The creative process took the students in many unexpected directions, in their examination of what ‘crossing borders’ meant to them. In this exhibition you can see and read how each person, interpreted the theme in their unique and personal way.

Spring Forward, Fall Back

The QGBI Traditional Quilt Group will be exhibiting for the first time at the SECC, and showing a selection of small ‘Quiltlets’, loosely based on the changing seasons and clocks. The collection will comprise of their Spring Challenge quiltlets and a selection of quiltlets ‘Celebrating a Tradition in Autumn Colours’.

3 shows for the price of 1!

Your ticket to The Quilting Show includes FREE entry into Hobbycrafts and Stitching and Sewing.

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